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ven if they ▓have not been there. Winter of Jinan, an essay written by Lao She (1899-1966), is compulsory reading for high sch▓ool students across the country. As Lao She describes it, Jinan's winter is unlike those of ▓other northern cities. It is "benevolent" - warm, sunny an▓d "without the sound of wind". It is "an old city, with many hills and springs,▓ asleep in warmth and comfort, waiting to be awa▓kened by

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spring's breeze". This "land of dreams" is where I ▓was born and grew up. Nurtured by its pleasant weather, Jinan people are naturally generous, hospitable, joyous, with a special enthusiasm for drinking. Thi

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s capital of East▓ China's Shandong province is also known as the "city of s▓prings", with 72 of them dotting the land▓scape. While their locations, history, and characteri▓stics have been meticulously documented

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, Baotu Spring is the most well known. It ranks▓ alongside Qianfo Hill and Daming Lake as Jinan's top sight. Water gushes from the th▓ree mouths of Baotu Spring all year round, feeding its people, and telling

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    its stories. Speaking of Daming Lake, besides its wonderful lake scenery and Spring Festival Temple Fair, its frog population is an o

    dd lot - they never croak. The▓ story goes that once Qing emperor Q▓ianlong visited Daming Lake and was impressed by its beauty, marred only by the noisy frogs who disturbe

    d his sleep. The emperor ordered them to keep shut. They did - and have been doing▓ so for generations thereafter. No one as ye

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    t come ▓up with a scientific explanation for this unique phenom▓enon, and so the legend endures. Jinan is also a good place for foreigne

    rs to practice their Chinese▓. The local dialect shares the same pronunciation as Putonghua for almost every Chin▓ese character, but uses different tones. Hence, those st

    ill struggling with the four tones of▓ Putonghua can easily communicate with the local▓s, as their less-than-perfect tones are ver

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